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23rd of June 2019

Hello to any visitor, thought I'd at least give a little sign of life. The beginning of a career compounded with existing lack of motivation to RP and difficulties aligning with people's time zones, so roleplaying is extremely rare for me. My kinky side is still strong however, and I do like to discuss characters and potential stories even if they never realize.

I'm also keeping busy by curating all uploads to Hentai-Foundry on a weekly basis (resulting in my posting a couple dozens of pictures to Kinkforge every weekend) and occasionally advancing my quest to chronologically browse all the way through Danbooru, with some filtering tags to help of course (I'm around the 60% mark currently). If nothing else, it's worth visiting Kinkforge just for that! The invite link was expired for a long time but as of writing this it should work again. If you like what you see here and on the Kinkforge FAQ, do come by and say hello!

24th of May 2017

I've updated the sidebar on the left a little further to be simpler and more up-to-date, including a Discord server I created recently. Discord is easier to use and more adapted to people's daily computer usage than IRC, so it's a good place for me to gather my kinky friends, old and new! If you like Liliah and you've enjoyed some of the stories from my past ERPs, you're welcome to click that link to the left and join us in our depravity!

1st of October 2016

After a little over a year with practically no new roleplayed scenes, I feel I should officially update this site to indicate that I am, at least for the foreseeable future, retired, baring any exceptional circumstances (read: someone getting lucky, most likely one of a few people I already had plans with).

The reason why I don't roleplay anymore is manyfold. The first reason is because I study engineering and I have months at a time when I need to dedicate as much free time as I can to get the work done. The second is because my time zone may or may not align well with any particular player, and my sleep cycle can shift in and out of being aligned well with another player's schedule. The third is because, for some reason, my libido is not quite as plentiful as it was 8 years ago when I started, or even 4 years ago.

That doesn't mean I'm going to just disappear from IRC and let my site vanish, though. I still love this character and the world of fetishes very much, and it's not unlikely that I'll update this site again with more refinements to Liliah or my other characters. I have a very special little update to make today in fact: two art gifts from someone nicknamed Katie, who has a patreon here. I removed the gallery to save bandwidth, so just for now I'll give you links for the first one about Liliah at work, and the second one, an unfinished sketch about a special "pillow" transformation which may or may not be a canon thing Liliah can do.

8th of September 2015

Presenting the new Liliah's Shrine v5.1 Lite Edition! This version has been designed to work without server-side scripting so that it could be hosted on free web hosts. Here is a list of changes compared to the full version.

  • Gallery removed to save space. Just go on Danbooru and search for astaroth_(shinrabanshou) ;)
  • Character size comparison tool removed for now until it is polished to my liking (vector graphics, proper UI...)
  • The backgrounds will be static instead of randomly generated
  • The menu will be static, which merely means adding a section to the site is more work for me
  • Scrapped the biography entirely because I've been having new ideas about the origins of Liliah

Furthermore, I have been working on eight new scenes (some forgotten, some recent) for the Stories section. There is not much work left to be done before they are ready to upload, so look forward to that!

21st of September 2014

Very little happened this summer as far as roleplay goes, but I'm still around and here's a more informational / technical update to my website. Here's a list of all the changes:

  • Changed the 600-ish word intro on the left column of the homepage for an extremely condensed summary of my status as a roleplayer. This should help people quickly get closer to roleplaying with me!
  • Three new scenes from the last 6 months (better than nothing right?)
    • New scene in "Liliah and Friends", involving Morrigan Aensland and Axin
  • Two minor changes to Liliah's anatomy, see the Anatomy section under Liliah 101, the new information is found at the list point "Brain" and in the second paragraph under the list point "Mouth"

8th of March 2014

Here is an impromptu scene with Morrigan Aensland, a succubus who has chosen to put a few more stat points in brute force, and as such can forcefully claim dominion over Liliah. Such is the way of demons, and Liliah regrets nothing. I regret nothing either, because this is a much needed addition to my weak portfolio of L<F, to borrow my stories filtering terminology.

6th of March 2014

Today I've added a new minor feature that allows filtering the stories section by gender and dom/sub disposition of the roleplaying partner. Handy!

26th of June 2013

You might not have realized it if you'd only been reading this news column -- it happened so quick, too -- but Liliah, by the laws of Kiyodai's people -- or maybe he just made it up -- is married to him. Real law or not, Liliah went along with it, jestingly at first... But Liliah's feelings must have grown something fierce, because here's her second daughter, Liliko! And lucky you, even thought it happened in the privacy of Liliah's lair, you can witness every juicy detail of Liliko's moment of conception! Enjoy~

11th of May 2013

Quick update with just one scene, in the Tia storyline, where Liliah is reduced to infant-like motor skills, capacity to pronounce words and bladder control (after being given human bodily needs by a powerful pair of artifact shoes). If that sounds fun to you, go check it out!

5th of February 2013

Here's one of the many scenes that have been long in planning, this one is a juicy bit of role reversal in the romantic relationship between Liliah and the human heroine Tia. You can find it in the Stories section.

27th of January 2013

I am as disappointed as you are at my complete lack of roleplay in the past months. I've said it before and I'll have to say it again, I have a loaded schedule, very few opportunities to kick back and play for a few hours, and dozens of ever so tempting scene ideas with various people.

But despair not, for I am still here with no intention to leave! I've updated my "best times to ask me on a scene" section to the bottom left of this page, and I even managed to find a couple of unedited scenes!

The "new" stories are little juicy bits from mid-2012 I've missed, a scene with Tia becoming Liliah's mistress.

8th of September 2012

September 10 update: The email address I gave here and on F-List was wrong! It was missing the dot between liliah and succubus! If you're ever sent me an email... try to find it back and resend it!

Bwuh?! Where did summer go? Well... I was working 50 hours a week the whole time. Bummer! But I got a new car and a new computer out of it, so yay! Now we can get back to our regular (still slow) schedule.

I didn't play much if at all since last update, but there is a lot of new reading coming up with this update! I used advanced log analysis magic to generate this graph of the length of Liliah's emotes over time, which helped me locate a few areas of interest in what happened in public in the channel.

  • One interrupted genderbendy scene with Skellum
  • A bit of Liliah fooling around pretending to be some sort of sex arcade machine, mostly involving Talbain
  • Four scenes with Kiyodai, the fox boy, a long overdue addition to the cast of Liliah's life

As usual, the new stuff will be highlighted in bold in the Stories section. As of this edition, series that I am particularly proud or fond of will be adorned with little hearts and called Recommended Reads. Do note that it is in no way a judgment on other players' abilities. Besides stories, to your left in the "Roleplaying with me" section you will find updated tips on how to roleplay with me, like how and when to ask.

9th of May 2012

Birthday update! Now for the important and interesting stuff:

Three and a half new scenes are now available. The two wholes are scenes with Tia and Keraal. The scene with Keraal is embarassing though, you don't need to read it. In fact, please skip this one entirely. The half-scene I mentionned last month? What's a half-scene, you ask? Well... it's a few paragraphs of succubus-induced dreams by Ashley, a probable future partner of Liliah, who has very big plans for this girl... And since then that half-scene became one and a half scene.

Also, due to some entirely unfair laws of a particular nation of Kitsune, Liliah is now officially Kiyodai's wife. As much effort as Liliah put to hide when she was stuck to Kiyodai's knot, the whole world now knows that Liliah has been knotted by Kiyodai at least three times, which constitutes a pact of marriage under the aforementionned laws. You might notice there's no page with Kiyodai in the Stories section... but there could and might be. Stay tuned if you like fox boys!

5th of April 2012

Added a new page explaining Liliah's taint, a new power for Liliah and a device to inspire roleplay scenarios! An interesting read and concept that might make you a little hot and bothered at the thought ;)

26th of March 2012

The website's navigation has been completely revamped into a two-level drop-down menu. This allows for the addition of more sections and thus more information surrounding Liliah! The new pages include:

  • Pages describing minor characters of mine: Liliah's daughter Lilin and a dryad named Acedra
  • A page that describes the growing relations between Liliah and other folks
  • A new gallery divided into categories, now with thumbnails for improved performance. It also displays the original image's resolution.
  • A link to the #orcsnelves Wiki, Elfpedia, which is currently empty, but if you want to put stuff in it, go right ahead! Just ask me if you need editor rights or anything.

There are also a few more goodies planned:

  • A new, less cluttered interface to easily see what drain marks do and who has which
  • A page listing all kinds of things that you might find in Liliah's lair, a list of sex toys, clothes, magical artifacts, etc. An reference for inspiration and reminding!
  • One and a half scenes

January 1st, 2012

Two new scenes to celebrate the new year to come! I wish us all a year full of even more plentiful and beautiful written, drawn and animated kinky smut! Here are the two new scenes:

  • A continuation of the hypnosis story with the drider Keraal.
  • A new episode of Liliah and Tia's adventure featuring egglaying!

November 1st, 2011

Several new details about more exotic parts of Liliah's anatomy have been explained in detail. See a description of Liliah's penis and womb in the Anatomy section (with links to a new Mechanics section), a new power for Liliah called Energy Overflow (which is more for show than for actual use in scenes) with its own set of sub-powers, and a new paragraph about the scale of Liliah's accumulated energy in the energy draining mechanics section (two paragraphs above the last).

15th of October 2011

A new Gallery section has been added with pictures of Liliah (Astaroth), as well as pictures of other characters Liliah has played with or references for poses used in scenes. Anything I feel like putting in there, basically. Currently has 36 pictures. To get the full effect of all the sexy CSS3, the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari is recommended.

4th of September 2011

Forgot a few things!

  • New marks on Delesta and Nezumi
  • Another scene of Liliah and Friends featuring Kiyodai

4th of September 2011

A grand total of six new scene logs have been added to the Stories section! Wow! Among those you will find three unedited scenes from years past recovered from channel logs as well as three scenes from the past month or so (one in July), a surprising number of which have mind control elements to them. Oh, Liliah, what have you been getting yourself into...

From now on, scenes I do in public channels with more than one other person will be listed as "Liliah and Friends" in the Stories section, and character information won't be given there, only on the characters' own pages if they have one.

Without further ado, here they are, in chronological order:

  • Liliah having a bit of cruel fun with Generic Monster
  • Liliah, Keraal, Ryuujin and Delesta playing around
  • Liliah exploiting Darra's predicament while others watch in amusement
  • A small chapter of the story between Liliah and Terra
  • Another small chapter of a story between Liliah and Keraal
  • A scene with a newcomer, the mouse girl Nezumi

28th of August 2011

Lots of little tweaks and character precisions all around the site:

  • Updated information in the Readme to the left of the home page.
  • Organized the Powers page into categories for more clarity, each category sorted from least to most powerful.
  • Summonings power split into Portals and Tentacles. Her old ability to summon any kind of restraining item is now done through small portals.
  • Description of Liliah's tentacle swarm expanded.
  • Added a condition for Lust Mirage to work. The target must be attracted to Liliah in order for the effect to work.
  • Moved Resistances to the Anatomy section and added a precision about extreme heat (like lava).
  • New power: Telekinetic Touch.

9th of July 2011

A continuation of the story with Tia is available in the Stories section!

4th of July 2011

Happy Fourth of July, people in the U.S.! To celebrate, here's a log of Liliah and Arafea, an elven priestess serving an evil goddess of lust. Totally planned it. Yep. Not a coincidence at all.

30th of May 2011

A very big update of Liliah's Shrine is now completed, bringing along with it a few precisions about Liliah herself. Here is a list of new things to look for in the website:

  • Background images were all digitally remastered (I photoshopped them again), and there are now more of them. They are also better positionned in the page.
  • New centered layout with fixed navigation bar so that it remains accessible when you scroll down.
  • A new Anatomy section, separated out of the Powers section, explains how Liliah's body works in detail.
  • New homepage combines news and the essential introduction information
  • The list of marks and the list of drain mark victims were merged into one page
  • All logs now have word counts and keywords for each scene
  • New page explaining the rules for the #orcsnelves channel

On top of that, there are now three new scenes with Liliah: a new chapter of the stories with Tia and Naomi, and a new face, an orc shaman named Wahlram. Finally, here are two new tidbits about Liliah that you didn't know about:

  • Liliah's tail has a small orifice under the point where her tail connects to her back. It is usually completely hidden unless the tail is forcefully pulled upwards.
  • The pocket dimensions inside Liliah's orifices connect to the one in her mouth and vice-versa if they overflow.

26th of April 2011

F-List fully revised and updated with 160% more favorite kinks including some custom ones, three more selected reference pictures. My Rabbit Hole page is now considered obsolete, F-List has superior features and is already enough trouble to maintain.

April 3rd, 2011

Liliah's lewd legends continue and four new chapters become known to the world. Two of those chapters feature Keraal the drider, one stars the Asian heroine Terra and the other showcases Naomi's final moments before turning back from her goo-girl form to her usual human self.

11th of October 2010

This is going to make a lot of jealous, but September 2010 is apparently the month of Terra, with four new scenes featuring her in that single month! She wasn't the only one to play with Liliah, though. A sneaky little spider named Keraal was able to slip between the cracks and slip his eggs inside Liliah.

Also, the Roleplay section, which was removed earlier for being redundant, has been reinstated and updated with useful information. I now give a little guide of my preferred roleplaying format. They're not rules by any means, if you have reasons for doing something different it's fine, but otherwise following the guidelines in there improves the flow of the scene and helps me edit it afterwards for the purpose of adding it here for all to read and enjoy.

8th of August 2010

The all-girls orgy continues with 3 new logs: another one with Tia in the baths, the return of Catgirl, and a new heroine called Terra.

I also added a few tweaks and fixes here and there. Here is a short list of what changed:

  • Changed a few words in the description in the Bio section
  • Mechanics section - added a paragraph in the Bottomless Body part about the possibility that Liliah's spacial pockets can connect to each other to allow some things through under certain circumstances.
  • Mechanics section - added a paragraph in the Energy Drain part about the effects of a drain on the victim and on Liliah.
  • Mechanics section - in Scent And Fluids, added a list of the specific flavors of Liliah's various bodily fluids and how they can vary.
  • Readme - changed the "good practices to reach me" paragraph, added my F-List page.
  • Added mentions of Liliah's tail hole in the description and flaws sections

13th of June 2010

Today is an all-girls new scenes day with two new scenes added to the stories section. The first one is the continuation of Liliah's guided tour of her lair for her official unofficial wife, Tia. The second one is another chapter in Liliah's quest to break, harass, annoy or win over Naomi with an endless supply of devilish body suits. Enjoy!

16th of May 2010

Four new scenes added to the stories section. The continuation of the story with Keraal, another chapter in the life of the two brides Liliah and Tia, and two scenes with a new protagnist, Relar. I've also fixed some things in the Readme page, particularly the last point in the "Target Audience" list where I talk about best practices for asking me to roleplay. I've specified some properties of my powers, weaknesses and drain marks. Finally, I added a section in Liliah's Lair where I talk about rooms given to Liliah's guests.

7th of March 2010

Two new scenes happened in the last few days, one on March 2, one on March 5th, and here they are 5 days and 2 days after each of them respectively (notice how all of that adds up to 7? Strange...) The first one is Liliah flattening out her curves a bit to play with Viserya, and the second one is the return of a regular at Liliah's Lair, Catgirl! A long time has passed, and Catgirl has become full of drain marks and spent some time in freedom. But Liliah comes back for her and recaptures her humiliatingly easily.

19th of February 2010

Four new logs from scenes that happened in the last four months... Depressingly slow rate, but better than nothing, at least. We have a new scene with Skellum for November, a new one with Viserya in December, one with Tia in January, and the second part of the scene with Keraal in February (three days ago!).

15th of February 2010

I tweaked the way the Command mark works. It is now even more elaborate and mathematical, including a level of strength, exponential duration and an exact number of actions allowable per level.

27th of January 2010

Liliah's 2495th trip around the sun begins, and I bring a variety of changes and additions to this website and Liliah's character description!

  • A few minor rewordings in the Readme page
  • A few minor rewordings in the Bio page, especially the appearance and personality parts
  • The Bio link in the main menu now leads to the description by default
  • To make drain marks effective and useful in less scenes, Liliah can now implant a certain number of marks every time in function of how effective the drain is.
  • An unwritten rule is now written - Liliah cannot drain or mark when in a submissive situation.
  • Removed the energy overload feature because I couldn't see it ever being useful (it was a "please godmode me" kind of thing)
  • Kept energy underload, but renamed it energy hiding. Reworded this also.
  • Kept the Naked Flames ability, without requiring overloading. Liliah could use a few combat abilities!
  • Kept Orgasmic Lock, but made it harder to pull off in combat by requiring a few moments.
  • Removed the Prison of Temptation ability, although similar, more fair abilities would be tempting to add.
  • Removed Chemical Manufacture
  • Added fancy vaginal muscle control capabilities.
  • Added an ability of Liliah's body to cause greater sperm loads from her victims.
  • Detailed explanation of the behaviour of Liliah's bottomless orifices, and how they allow some degree of physical inflation of Liliah's body.

19th of November 2009

Five new scenes are finally getting pushed out today! Check out the scenes with Generic Monster, Keraal, Little Albi, and the latest with Viserya. Seventeen hours of roleplaying in total over the course of October, and about two hours spent formatting, correcting, editing and uploading them on this website for posterity. Enjoy!

7th of October 2009

Just a little change in my readme page about how hard it is to get me in a roleplay (just look at how many stories I made in 2 years). Also, 8 pictures who had some parts cropped out of them (mostly legs the artist didn't draw) were changed a little to give them some sort of "ripping out of the page" effect. It seems successful. Look at Liliah's legs (like you weren't already) and look for some paper tear effect instead of a flat line crop. So it's all details today, but you know what is in the details...

6th of October 2009

I have begun updating the metadata in all the stories to the most up to date format. The metadata section before each session log started out modestly with a count of lines, hours and a description. Over time I've added keywords to make it easier to spot things you might like or might want to avoid in a story, and I also thought words would be a much better indicator of length than lines, since lines vary in length.

It's all due to my love for numbers. I'm kind of wondering how many words I've wrote with various people, and how many hours it took. I'm sure they're pretty awesome numbers. I'll put those numbers in the index page when I'm done!

So now I'm going through each session of each story and ensuring they all have a proper word count, description and some keywords. Until I'm done, stories with their links in bold in the index will be the stories I've confirmed to be up to date, and the links in normal text will be what's left to verify and edit.

29th of September 2009

Four new scenes have finally been edited, one with the Trap and three with Viserya. You'll notice that the headers of the scenes with Viserya feature words as the metric for length of the scene instead of lines, which is much more representative of the actual size of the scene.

I wish I'll have time someday to apply that refined metadata standard to all stories or, even better, automate it somehow. I'm also thinking of letting readers add tags to stories, and while I'm at it, add comments and whatnot... This is, after all, so-called "Web 2.0" even if I hate the term.

September 2nd, 2009

Where did August go? Oh well, can't expect me to change something on this website every month... I did get around to doing something today, though. I went around the different sections and make some tiny adjustments here and there in the Readme section, in the description (under the Bio section) and in the Mechanics entry for feeding needs. The Mechanics entries are also sorted alphabetically now.

Another thing I did was to give Liliah new powers, the biggest one being the ability to go into an Energy Overload mode when in absolutely critical emergency situations. When in Energy Overload, Liliah's overall abilities are boosted and she gains access to a few other tricks. I also added her intuition for people's sexual feelings, which is something she more or less always had, and the possibility for her to shrink on purpose, which is something I thought of some time ago and which was similar to the overloading power in that it's the polar opposite.

18th of July 2009

No logs this time! I haven't felt like roleplaying all that much these days... But I did add three background images, remove one which was doodly and fixed one that was blurry. A word of advice: do not save and reuse or otherwise distribute those images, they are very hackish, ugly edits which cannot possibly be used on a light background!

5th of July 2009

Description of Liliah's lair was extended, adding descriptions for her lair's dorms, detainment rooms, wind tunnels, trap room, baths, comfort rooms and other rooms. Also, the short description of Liliah's drain mark power was updated with its little downside of being hard to think about applying when Liliah is in an orgasmic daze.

July 1st, 2009

Canada Day! Have a short scene of Alleister and his Queen getting it on!

30th of June 2009

New logs added: two scenes with Naomi. Also, the roleplay section has been removed because it mostly repeats information found elsewhere. I also put the Biography section closer to the left to give it more importance, especially since it contains her description, and renamed it "Bio". You can thank my new menu system I've hacked together about two weeks ago, that made changing the menu wonderfully easy and quick!

I've also added the line "On the contrary, eating anything other than sperm will force her to spend energy to burn it out of her, since she cannot digest" in Liliah's description.

One more thing: I've changed the way some drain marks work. Weaker command marks only become dormant instead of disappearing and can be re-activated freely by Liliah when draining someone, and they expire after one or a few times instead of after a set period of time. The character-handicapping marks only works when the victim is near Liliah. The extent of some marks, like whether your mutation, fertility or command mark applies anywhere and anytime or just when with Liliah, is up to OOC consent (though it'd be awesome if someone roleplayed with someone else and they triggered Liliah's mark by accident! I'd love to see that happen). The mutation mark can now be used to change a victim's gender.

24th of June 2009

Nine days after the last batch of 8 scenes, which took 10 days to prepare, comes another back of, this time, 10 scenes! Read about Liliah's encouters with Fast1 (two scenes), Lara Croft (one scene), Lydia Violet (one scene), Madman Machine (two scenes), Miss Purple (three scenes) and Viserya (one scene)! There's also a scene of Liliah and Emma just fooling around off of the main plotline, possibly some time in the future.

Don't get used to getting almost one scene a day, though... With this update I am now as up to date as I could possibly get, with only my two most recent scenes, starring Naomi and a couple of very crafty bodysuits, left to edit!

19th of June 2009

Two updates in two days? What kind of madness is this? Well, this isn't such a big update... This is just to let visitors of this website know that I am setting up a Rabbit Hole page and accounts for MSN/YIM/AIM. Details available in the Readme section.

18th of June 2009

Today, as you'll have noticed from the change of file extensions, I am rolling out features that are incredibly excessive for just a roleplaying character profile, features that call upon server-side scripting.

The first one, although invisible, will allow me to change the structure of my website much more easily: I now create this website's menu dynamically from an array of files and using a function to determine the relative path between two absolute paths I wrote. Again, invisible improvement, lots of technical details, but I'm very proud of it!

The other thing I've done was write a simple function that chooses a random filename among the various background images I have. As a result, you'll see a different picture of Liliah every time, and I'll be able to easily and secretly add more background pictures for more variety!

15th of June 2009

What did I do in the last 10 days? Among other things, I formatted, corrected and HTML-ized logfiles of two scenes with Ryujin (there was one less than I thought), two with Sara Longwing (there was one more than I thought), one with StarBummer and PowerGirl, one with the Creeping Eye, one with Tireus and one with Valkyra, Zeph and Avalon. Eight new scenes in total in this update!

That makes me up to date with the scenes from 1-2 years ago. Now I'm going to catch up with the scenes I've been doing this years, there's at least 6 or 7 of them. I'm not sure I'm going to do it as fast as those eight new ones, though.

5th of June 2009

I've added some new stories! There are two scenes with the Renegade and one scene with Miss Mighty that are now accessible under the Stories section. Enjoy!

Old stories that need re-editing are as follows:

  • three scenes with Ryujin,
  • one with Sara Longwing,
  • one with StarBummer and PowerGirl,
  • one with the Creeping Eye,
  • one with Tireus,
  • one with Valkyra, Zeph and Avalon,

As you can see, I'm almost done catching up with the stories from version 3 of my website! I haven't been completely inactive during this time, however, even though I tried, and the following brand new scenes need editing too:

  • then two scenes with Madman Machine,
  • one with Lara Croft,
  • an unknown number of scenes with Miss Purple, and
  • one with Fast1

Oh, how I long for the day I'll have caught up with all this editing work!

18th of May 2009

This website is not dead yet! I have made minor adjustments here and there, and I am also introducing a set of new features for Liliah:

  • A few minor tweaks in the way Liliah's energy draining ability works: it only works when Liliah's partner orgasms (not when she does), it doesn't work on machines and animal-intelligence creatures (like tentacle monsters), and it doesn't work during a submission ritual or in the time a submission ritual is active.
  • Liliah can now implant some new drain marks that weakens her captives. She can disable someone's powers one by one, forbid them from performing some things, make them too weak to even stand or so slow they'd lose a race against a turtle.
  • Liliah is also much more sensitive than she used to be. Her tail is now sensitive on its entire length, as opposed to being just sensitive to pulling and touching around the base. Her horns also have a huge effect on her when they're grabbed, and her wings are now sensitive spots as well. Not to forget her ears, too! In other words, basically, there isn't a single spot on Liliah's body that isn't erogenous, as it should be with a succubus (my version of it, at least).
  • Submission rituals have been expanded. Besides the original one where the ritual performer becomes Liliah's master for a day, there are now rituals for a whole array of fates to inflict to Liliah, as cruel as they are temporary. They include turning her into a human, miniaturizing her, turning her tentacles against her, and more! Liliah is in trouble if people learn about these things...

Furthermore, I've added three session logs out of four with Lady In Black Boots. Logs are still being edited, but I'm approaching the end of the backlogged re-editing work. With this new presentation standard, which involves cleaning up OOC, running a spell-checker, identifying key concepts for the keyword list and coming up with a little description, and then converting to HTML, logs should be even more refined and fun to read than ever before!

Liliah the succubus, my avatar in the realm of erotic roleplay, is a work of neverending cycles of improvement and refinement. I've come a long way, but there are still lots of things to write about, such as Liliah's past and her lair, and perhaps even cool powers I haven't thought about yet!

See older news...